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+91 934 490 6974

Eight week Summer program with three sessions per week - AI /Robotics/Python

Intermediate Coding Camp

+1 732 660 9537

+1 732 660 9537

  • Recap of Python basics: variables, data types, and functions

  • Introduction to advanced data structures: sets, dictionaries, and tuples

  • Advanced control flow: nested loops, list comprehensions

  • Functions: lambda functions, function decorators, and recursion

  • Introduction to external libraries: NumPy for numerical computing, Pandas for data analysis

  • Overview of Python modules: how to import and use them effectively




Week 1-2: Python Review and Advanced Concepts

  • Overview of robotics: history, applications, and importance

  • Understanding robot components: actuators, sensors, microcontrollers

  • Basics of robot motion: kinematics and dynamics

  • Understanding mechanical design considerations for robots

  • Introduction to control theory: open-loop vs. closed-loop control

  • Hands-on exercises with PID control and motor control




Week 3-4: Robotics Fundamentals

+1 732 660 9537

+1 732 660 9537

  • Understanding AI: definitions, branches, and applications

  • Overview of machine learning and its importance

  • Overview of supervised and unsupervised learning

  • Introduction to popular algorithms: linear regression, logistic

  • Importance of data preprocessing in machine learning

  • Techniques for feature scaling, encoding categorical variables, handling missing data




Week 5-6: AI and Machine Learning Basics

  • Understanding neural networks: structure, activation functions, and training

  • Hands-on exercises with building and training simple neural networks

  • Introduction to deep learning: architectures and applications

  • Understanding CNNs and their applications in image recognition

  • Students work on a final project integrating Python, robotics, and AI concepts learned throughout the camp

  • Project presentations and demonstrations by students



Week 7-8: AI Implementation and Project

Grade selection

Buds - For Beginners         

Sprouts - Early Learners

Vine - Middle Learners

Flowers - High School

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