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+91 934 490 6974

Basic Python Knowledge, Understanding of Data Structures, Functions and Control Flow

Intermediate- Age 10 and above are welcome

+1 732 660 9537

+1 732 660 9537

Advanced Lists and List Comprehensions

  • Nested lists

  • List comprehensions for compact code

Tuples, Sets, and Dictionaries

  • Understanding immutable tuples

  • Exploring sets for unique data storage

  • Dictionary comprehensions



Week 1-2: Advanced Data Types and Structures

Advanced Function Techniques

  • Recursive functions

  • Lambda functions for concise expressions

Modules and Packages

  • Creating and importing custom modules

  • Introduction to external libraries like NumPy and Pandas



Week 3-4: Functions and Modules Mastery

Introduction to OOP

  • Understanding classes and objects

  • Constructor and destructor methods

Inheritance and Polymorphism

  • Implementing inheritance for code reuse

  • Polymorphism with method overriding and overloading



Week 5-6: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Principles

File Handling and Exception Handling

  • Reading from and writing to files

  • Handling exceptions gracefully for robust code

Final Projects

  • Individual or group projects based on students' interests.


Week 7-8: Advanced Topics and Projects

Grade selection

Buds - For Beginners         

Sprouts - Early Learners

Vine - Middle Learners

Flowers - High School

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