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+91 934 490 6974

Eight week Summer program with three sessions per week - AI /Robotics/Python

Advanced Level Coding Camp

+1 732 660 9537

+1 732 660 9537

  • Advanced functions: lambda functions, closures

  • Generators and iterators: understanding and implementing generators

  • Decorators: creating and using decorators for function modification

  • Metaprogramming: understanding metaclasses and class modification

  • Advanced data structures: heaps, trees, graphs

  • Algorithmic complexity analysis: Big O notation and its applications




Week 1-2: Advanced Python Programming

  • Robot kinematics: forward and inverse kinematics

  • Dynamics: understanding robot motion and forces

  • Introduction to control theory: PID controllers, state-space representation

  • Designing control systems for robotic applications

  • Sensor fusion techniques for robot perception

  • Localization algorithms: Kalman filters, particle filters




Week 3-4: Robotics Fundamentals

+1 732 660 9537

+1 732 660 9537

  • Overview of machine learning: supervised vs. unsupervised learning

  • Basics of classification and regression algorithms

  • Understanding artificial neural networks (ANNs)

  • Training deep neural networks: optimization techniques, regularization

  • Architecture of CNNs and their applications in computer vision

  • Transfer learning and fine-tuning pre-trained CNNs




Week 5-6: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Introduction to NLP: tokenization, stemming, and text classification

  • Building NLP models with recurrent neural networks (RNNs) and transformers

  • Basics of reinforcement learning (RL) and its applications

  • Q-learning, policy gradients, and deep Q-networks (DQN)

  • Students work on a comprehensive project integrating robotics, AI, and Python programming skills

  • Project presentations



Week 7-8: Advanced AI Applications and Projects

Grade selection

Buds - For Beginners         

Sprouts - Early Learners

Vine - Middle Learners

Flowers - High School

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