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Understanding of fundamental Python concepts, including variables, data types, loops, conditional statements and functions

Advanced level - Age 13 and above are welcome

Advanced Lists and List Comprehensions

  • Nested lists

  • List comprehensions for compact code

Dictionaries, Sets, and Collections

  • Advanced techniques for dictionaries and sets

  • Exploring collections module for specialized data structures



Week 1-2: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

Functional Programming Concepts

  • Understanding higher-order functions and lambda expressions

  • Leveraging functional programming for elegant solutions

Decorators and Metaprogramming

  • Creating and using decorators to enhance functions

  • Exploring metaprogramming techniques for dynamic code generation



Week 3-4: Functional Programming and Decorators

Threading and Multiprocessing

  • Introduction to threading for concurrent execution

  • Leveraging multiprocessing for parallelism

Asynchronous Programming with asyncio

  • Exploring asynchronous programming with asyncio

  • Building efficient, non-blocking applications



Week 5-6: Concurrency and Parallelism

Advanced I/O Operations

  • Working with binary data and memory-mapped files

  • Understanding file and directory manipulation with pathlib

Final Projects and Showcase

  • Collaborative or individual projects based on students' interests

  • Project presentations and peer feedback sessions


Week 7-8: Advanced Topics and Projects

Grade selection

Buds - For Beginners         

Sprouts - Early Learners

Vine - Middle Learners

Flowers - High School

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